Carole Bruns Couture LLC. 


Carole believes each and every garment is unique so she provides alterations with the utmost care and respect for your clothing.  

Prices range due to the numbers of layers (lined or unlined), type of finish, type of fabric, width of hem (extra wide skirt, dress or legs, etc.).  

Every garment is a created differently.  Bring Carole the item that you want altered for more details and soon you'll find your clothes fitting much better!


  • Hem     18-25

  • New Zipper     25

  • Waist In     30

  • Taper Legs     20-40


  • Hem     20-50

  • Sides In     25-50

  • Shorten Sleeves     30+


  • Shorten Sleeves     30-45

  • Sides In     30-55

  • Center Back in     30

  • Shorten Length     30-50

  • New Zipper     30-50