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Carole Bruns has been fascinated with the art of designing since she was a child. Her mother was a seamstress and she taught Carole basic skills which sparked her interest in sewing.

Carole graduated from the University of Minnesota in B.A. in Business and Clothing Design. She designed with Aveda Institute of Minneapolis and in the Paisley Park wardrobe department.

In 2002, Carole opened her business, Carole Bruns Couture, in Uptown, Minneapolis, where it stands today. Carole continues to create custom pieces for the Aveda Congress Festival and fashion shows around the Twin Cities. She teams up with local artists to design fabrics and bring art to life. Carole has brought wedding dresses and family heirlooms back to life with her detailed alterations.


She welcomes anyone who poses a creative challenge, or just needs a simple fix, with the same grace and professional attention.

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