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If you choose to have something custom made from Carole, this is the process: you bring in either a photo, a “tear out” from a magazine, or part of a garment you love, and she will make your look come to life.


You can bring in your own fabric or Carole can source the material for you. Carole will take your measurements and after a fitting or two, your special creation will fit you “like a glove”.

At each step, Carole will consult with you to make certain this custom creation reflects your style. 

Its just like having your own personal designer!

What Our Clients Say

Joyce Iyawe

Love my flowy top. Not only does it compliment my figure, I get so much compliments from others. I love that she can design & sew African fashions too! Thanks Carole!


Carole believes each and every garment is unique. She and her team does alterations with the utmost care and respect for your clothing.  

Prices range due to the numbers of layers (lined or unlined), type of finish, type of fabric, and width of hem (extra wide skirt, dress or legs, etc.).  

Each garment deserves personalized attention!  Bring the item to Carole's Studio at 1213 W. 24th Street in Minneapolis for more details.  We look forward to meeting you!

  • Hem     20-25+

  • New Zipper     25+

  • Waist In     30-35+

  • Taper Legs     20-40+

  • Hem     20-50+

  • Sides In     25-50+

  • Shorten Sleeves     20-35+

*Each garment is unique and pricing varies according to the make of the garment. ​

*Bridal/Formal dresses: Prices range according to number of layers, type of fabric, width of hem, etc.

  • Shorten Sleeves     30-45+

  • Sides In     30-55+

  • Center Back in     30+

  • Shorten Length     30-50+

  • New Zipper     30-50+

*Each garment is unique ​and pricing varies according to the make of the garment.

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